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2 New Species of Insects Discovered in Mt. Kanlaon

Hikers and mountaineers know all too well that there are many bugs in the mountains. Ants, grasshoppers, spiders, you name it. Now, mountaineers have a new insect to watch out for because two new species of Cercopids have recently been discovered at the foot of Mt. Kanlaon in Negros Occidental.

The two new species are the P. conica and the P. mangkas.  “Cercopids are a big family of tiny hemipterans, an insect group which has wings that are part tough and hard, part membranous,” said Dr. Sheryl A. Yap in the UPLB website. According to Dr. Yap, one notable thing about these insects is that they produce a spit-like substance, which is why they are also called ‘spittlebugs.’

bugs 640x427 - 2 New Species of Insects Discovered in Mt. Kanlaon

Photo from UPLB website

The previous two new species that have been discovered are the P. altissima and the P. gapudi. The former is found in the North Cotabato side of Mt. Apo while the latter is found in Mt. Kitanlad, Bukidnon.

Here’s a fun fact: the P. gapudi is named after renowned Filipino entomologist and taxonomist Dr. Victor P. Gapud. He is also a former director of the UPLB Museum of National History (MNH). The species was named after him to honor his contributions in describing the Philippine entomofauna.

Next time you go hiking, watch out for these newly-discovered species of insects!

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