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Here’s The Story Behind Baron Geisler’s Appointment As Datu By Sulu Royals

Actor Baron Geisler has been conferred with the title of ‘datu’ by the royal family of King Raja Mohammadmamay Hasan Abdurajak and Queen Maria Makiling Helen Fatima Nasaria Panolino Abdurajak. They are the heirs and successors to the throne of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo.

Geisler was given a certificate of Royal Appointment and Recognition, medal, ring, and royal ID. His official title stands as “His Excellency Datu Baron Frederick von Geisler, Royal Datu and Ambassador for Peace and Prosperity.”

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I am honoured to be chosen as Ambassador of Peace and Prosperity by Raja Mamay and Queen Hellen of Sulu and North Borneo. This appointment is not about religion but bridging gaps amongst the Filipino people and by inspiring change through my past. By God's grace I was restored. This serves as a blessing of peace and friendship. My mission is to promote the beauty and culture of our great nation and to encourage the youth to take pride in our heritage. Let us one day, do away with all the hate and resentment, forgive and be united for peace and lasting progress, for our future and the hope of humanity. Padayon! #buildingfreshnewstories #allforGodsglory #LessofmemoreofHim261d 1f3fc - Here’s The Story Behind Baron Geisler’s Appointment As Datu By Sulu Royals

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The honorary title was reportedly given due to the royal’s couple finding inspiration in Geisler’s “remarkable” comeback. He was also seen as an “inspirational role model for the youth and ambassador for peace” due to his “spiritual maturity,” according to Philstar. 

Geisler also explained to the press that he was able to make an impression on the royal couple through one of his testimonies:

Nagsimula po ito sa birthday ni Atty. Joe Villanueva noong August 6 sa Manila Hotel. [It started during the birthday of Atty. Joel Villanueva last August 6 at Manila Hotel.] He is our main pastor for Shekinah, Knights of the King Circle, and nagkataon lang po na naroon ang King and Queen. [It just so happened that the King and Queen were also there.] So, birthday po iyon ni Atty. Joe, [So, it was Atty. Joe’s birthday] they asked me to go to the pulpit and share my testimony. And I was just there, talking about my past, how bad it was, how gruesome and crazy it was. But, you know, by God’s Grace, I was transformed. I was reformed and I just had this spiritual awakening. Na ayoko nang bumalik sa kasamaan, ‘no? [That I no longer want to return to evil, no?] Now, since I have that peace in my heart, I have God in my heart, I also want to spread that, and share that with the people here in the Philippines and all over, kung sino man ang makasalamuha ko.

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