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Justin Bieber Reveals Why It Took 5 Years To Release His New Album ‘Changes’

It’s been 5 years since Justin Bieber released his last album, Purpose. Since then he’s broken up with his first love Selena Gomez, gotten married to Hailey Baldwin, contracted Lyme disease, and battled through a number of other things.

After a busy half-decade, Bieber is back with his new album Changes. But why the long wait? Speaking to Zane Lowe in an interview with Apple Music, Bieber admits that it had a lot to do with fear.

justin bieber opens up instagram - Justin Bieber Reveals Why It Took 5 Years To Release His New Album ‘Changes’

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“I was dealing with a lot of fear,” Bieber begins. “Just was afraid of, at that point, just even the process; what am I going to talk about again, is it gonna be received? I’m starting to compare with other artists.”

He also referenced several challenging experiences he went through in the past 5 years which contributed to his hesitation. From dealing with depression to recovering from drug use, it hasn’t been an easy time for Bieber.

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However, performing with Ariana Grande during the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival brought back his confidence in himself, especially when they received an ovation.

“It kind of reminded me … this is what I do, this is what I’m good at, and I don’t need to run away from it,” he said.

To end, he shared: “When something’s hard, it’s almost like we need to run towards the pain and run toward the hurt rather than run away from it. I think you get kind of healing when it comes to that.”

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