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Genesis: School Comeback Fair

genesisposterlogos - Genesis: School Comeback Fair

Pasig City, Philippines, May 25, 2019 – As the new school year arrives for Pasig City Science High School, a fresh start awaits to the whole administration, staff, faculty, and especially, students. The Supreme Student Government of Pasig City Science High School will launch its first “Genesis: School Comeback Fair” this coming June 3, Monday. This is composed of four events such as the Converge; Freshmen Conference, Organization Fair, Caring Beyond Cleaning Program and Grade 7 Representative Elections.

Genesis: School comeback fair will welcome the whole PaScian Body as the new academic year starts. To welcome the new scholars of PCSHS, the Supreme Student Government, together with the Guidance Office, prepared a Freshmen Conference that will occur on June 7, Friday. The Guidance Office will discuss the rules and regulations of the school in the student handbook. Invited alumni speakers; Pamela Serrano and King James Ramirez, will give the students some tips and stories on how to survive the school’s curriculum. Also, as the school year 2019-2020 starts, the students are given a chance to establish their own organization. After meeting the requirements, which is to have their own mission, vision, and adviser, their proposal may be considered. The Supreme Student Government prepared an Organization Fair where every organization will be given a chance to introduce their group and find new members which will take place on June 14, Friday.

The Caring Beyond Cleaning Program is designed to motivate each student in every classroom to make an act for the cleanliness of their room. Every month, rooms will be checked by the staff and committee, and one class from every batch will be awarded as the cleanest room. This award comes with certificates and some gifts. The Supreme Student Government also needs a representative from the batch of new scholars. Grade 7 students will be having their election to choose the right person that will be their representative who will serve the school.

About Student Supreme Government

The Student Supreme Government is a group of students who are elected by other students to represent them in school government and to help plan programs and activities. SSG plan events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare and they serve as the voice of the whole student body.

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