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UST Medwards 2020: “Dynasty: A Legacy Immortalized”

9 years running, the students from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Santo Tomas together with its teaching and non-teaching personnel has been grooving, singing and showcasing their talents to try to win the much-coveted Grand Champions’ trophy of the annual MEDWARDS Charity event. 

medwards main pubmat copy - UST Medwards 2020: “Dynasty: A Legacy Immortalized”

This charity variety show was just a pipe dream in 2011 until a group of then medical students, who were then members of the prestigious, and much-heralded Thomasian Medical Students’ Fraternity, and the Sorority of Thomasian Doctors, held to their hearts the challenge of service and compassion. Dr. Jeff Willis A. Maniquis founded MEDWARDS, together with Dr. Richardson B. Lorilla, Dr. Joyce Karla S. Suero and Dr. Erika Lourdes M. Adajar, and created an event that is now rightfully reputed as the best and biggest showcase of talents by the entire Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (FMS).

MEDWARDS has been a yearly tradition that, for almost a decade, has been prepared for by the students that form different groups, namely Cluster A, Cluster B, Cluster C and Cluster D. Bringing in together students from different year levels of the same section. All fighting with a competitive spirit but equipped with a single goal in mind: to help the different beneficiary wards of the UST Hospital- Charity Division.

The goal of the event is simple— the FMS community are asked to create performances in order to raise funds for the numerous charity patients in the different wards – Medicine, OB-Gyne, Surgery, and Pediatrics, with a grandiose showcase of skill and creativity. 

Last year, Cluster A broke the three-year streak of Cluster B, taking the much-coveted championship after an intense competition from the rest of the clusters.

The theme of this year’s MEDWARDS, aim to show the legacy that the event has created, by displaying the intricacies of the different dynasties of the ancient world with the theme “Dynasty: A Legacy Immortalized”. Each cluster was given a specific dynasty to work on and reinterpret in their own way. The students have thereafter conceptualized skits, choreographed dance numbers, and even put on their thinking caps to create ergonomic and innovative props just to to come to the battle on January 31, 2020, 6 PM at the Medicine Auditorium, St. Martin de Porres, University of Santo Tomas.

Witness how dynasties made in the four walls of UST-FMS will rise to the occasion and see for yourself how clusters will conquer the hearts of the judges and the audience. It will be loud, fun and definitely a night to remember! 

Come and see a legacy of charity and service that the University of Santo Tomas— Faculty of Medicine and Surgery has created.


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