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22 Makati Medical Center Nurses Now Under Home Quarantine

At least 22 nurses of the Makati Medical Center (MMC) are now under home quarantine after they have been reported to be exposed to the COVID-19 virus. This was said in an interview by ABS-CBN with MMC director Dr. Saturnino Javier.

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In the interview, Dr. Javier mentioned that some of the health workers have been cleared for work already. He says that “If you don’t develop symptoms between 5-7 days, and your level of exposure is low to moderate you may be cleared to go back to work but you will still be wearing a mask.”

Makati Medical Center MMC Makati Med 1024x336 - 22 Makati Medical Center Nurses Now Under Home Quarantine

He also said that they have initially wanted the health workers to quarantine for 14 days, but the cannot strictly implement it since they will run out of personnel.

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Dr. Javier clarifies that currently, they still have enough workers to attend to COVID-19 patients. However, he states that the hospital has already declared full capacity in regard to admitting COVID-19 cases.

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