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Did you catch this mindblowing detail in “Parasite”?

Spoilers ahead.

Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite has been lauded time and time again by audiences all over the world for its excellent writing, masterful storytelling, and heavily symbolic message about class struggle. There were metaphors all over the place–from the rock to the stairs, and, mindblowingly, even the chairs at the dining table!

Parasite table 300x124 - Did you catch this mindblowing detail in “Parasite”?

Some eagle-eyed viewers were able to catch a very smart detail in the movie, one that would’ve easily gone overlooked! In an earlier scene where the only families involved in the house were the Parks and the Kims, passing by the dining table showed only 8 chairs–8 to represent both families occupying the house.

But when the big reveal twists the film’s genre into an entirely new direction and shows us that the old housekeeper’s husband has been living in the bunker all this time, the next time we see the dining table, it reflects how many people were actually in the house. 10 chairs. 4 Kims, 4 Parks, and the housekeeper and her husband.

Bong Joon Ho, you just keep surprising us.

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