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These Students Shared Their Enlistment Horror Stories and TBH We Can Relate

Words by Frances Leones

Even before the school year starts, college students already feel the stress when they enlist for their classes. For freshies, it’s a daunting prospect of having to fight for slots. You’ll need lightning-fast reflexes to click on that class with a good schedule or a legendary prof before anyone else does. While the rise of online enlistment has made signing up for one’s classes easier compared to the days of old, a student can still encounter problems.

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Being a Supersenior who’s encountered her fair share of enlistment hassles, I’ve asked fellow college kids to share their own enlistment horror stories. And they are definitely worthy of the phrase, “Ugh, same!”

Here are enlistment horror stories all college students can relate to.

*Disclaimer: All the names of the universities mentioned have been omitted. Some of the stories have been slightly edited to make them reader-friendly.

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Sometimes the early bird doesn’t get the worm

Arriving on campus at 4 AM, lining up for a GE class until 11 AM, leaving the building without a single slot. I’m never lucky during e-prerogs lol. – Therese

No Cutting in Line!

Lined up for hours only to find out a bunch of people were cutting in line kaya there was no progress. LOL. And, when I got there to my slot later within that day, I had to run between departments. But it wasn’t too bad, just really tiring because of all the waiting. – Iris

Funny Workout Running to School Cardio - These Students Shared Their Enlistment Horror Stories and TBH We Can RelateSorry, late reply 🙁

Attended a summer psych class I thought I fully enlisted in. Last week in the sem I found out my load rev didn’t push through and my B+ average was invalid.

School Service - These Students Shared Their Enlistment Horror Stories and TBH We Can Relate

A Case of Mistaken Year Level

I had an unusual IPS due to my LoA. When I asked the registrar, I was told that I was considered 4th year. So when I manreged, I thought I would be considered in the 4th year date. So I lined up for about 6 hours, I was already near the front but then I was told that the AISIS and Regcom system considered me as a 3rd year.


So I came for the manreg schedule for 3rd year. But all of my subjects are typically 4th year subjects. So when I asked if any of the three subjects I needed were available, I was told all of them have no more slots so I needed to loadrev those three subjects instead.


TL;DR: AISIS and registrar consider me different years so I ended up lining up twice only to find out that I needed to loadrev three subjects that sem after all.

– Fernando

ManReg Mayhem

I was Batch 4 in my 2nd year of college and it was also my first time ever to manreg. Batch 4 usually starts around 2-3pm, I think. I came early, as recommended, so I could be first in line. I was somewhat first but it didn’t matter because Batch 2 was still being processed :(( I waited in line until 7pm before I finally got to do manreg. I had a friend who was behind me by a couple of people and I found out that it was too late to accommodate everyone by 8pm that my friend had to enlist in most of his classes through loadrev. – Anela.

stressed girl - These Students Shared Their Enlistment Horror Stories and TBH We Can Relate

All For One Class

Even being Batch 2 (from 10AM-12nn) during manreg for first sem classes, marami pa rin batch 1 by 10am. Then there’s lunch break pa in-between for offices. I was later accommodated by 4PM just for me to enlist ONE class for my minor 1f61e - These Students Shared Their Enlistment Horror Stories and TBH We Can Relate
(Majority of students wanted to manreg either for Theo or Philo classes). – Aimee


I was only in 2nd year, and I was unaware that you couldnt manreg if you’ve already paid… Had some classes left to enlist since online enlistment went terribly. I went in for manreg, lined up for a few hours only to be told that I had to loadrev instead. AAAAH. – Eun

It Lasted Way Longer Than Expected

Took me an entire day, made to go from one department to another just so I can make sure I am able to take full load, started around 8:30am, left around 6 1f62d - These Students Shared Their Enlistment Horror Stories and TBH We Can Relate

Darth Vader Class Meme e1565171513456 - These Students Shared Their Enlistment Horror Stories and TBH We Can Relate

A Tale of Perseverance 

One sem, I was batch 1, and I was so prepared, I woke up at 5 so I could update my student information beforehand, which would make the actual enlistment go even faster.

Everything was prepared, my laptop was running, and so I go to the kitchen to find myself a snack. Through the windows, there’s a flash of white light, and a crashing sound, the loudest sound I had ever heard.

It was over in a moment, but when that moment passed, all the lights in the house went dark.

The statistical improbability had happened: My house had been struck by lightning. Rather, a post close by was, shorting out all the electricity lines.

This was still pretty early, but my family was up because we live far from Katipunan, and my younger brother used to get driven to school everyday. Enlistment would start at around 8, so me suddenly without Internet at the house, and no data to hotspot, I suddenly have to hitch a ride so I can get some Wi-Fi in a coffeeshop.

So there I am, 20 minutes to enlistment. I’ve secured a table and fired up my laptop again, and I’ve even bought myself a cup of tea to calm my nerves and get the Wi-Fi password. My laptop starts, then stops, then goes black, and then it goes blue. With 20 minutes to enlistment, my only means of enlisting had bluescreened.

Despite being aghast at all these improbable miseries the Universe was throwing my way, I wasn’t quite ready to ruin my semester by picking at the leftover slots during free-for-all enlistment. So, my time running out in a most immediate sense, I walk into an Internet café I had only been in once before, with only 5 minutes to spare before enlistment, and completely unprepared.

That sem, I managed to snatch 2 profs that were legendary, and the amount of effort I had to put in to keep my head afloat in those classes was herculean. To say nothing of the elective I picked, knowing little about it, only for it to end up being a particularly exacting Lit class that required I read about 7 novels.

But still, I survived, and I graduated cum laude, so it all worked out in the end I guess.

– Tim

Did you have a hard time enlisting for a class you wanted? Share your story with us!

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